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Error McNair

When Baltimore loses, everyone wins.
Back when the Ravens acquired Steve McNair, Blitz and I questioned whether the Ravens could win with him as their quarterback. Well, we were both right and wrong. The Ravens won 13 games, earned a first round bye, and a home game to open the postseason. McNair did a very solid job managing the Ravens - avoiding big mistakes and letting the defense do some serious woofing.

Until yesterday, it looked like that formula could work for Baltimore - maybe even take them to the Super Bowl. But the aging, error-prone McNair showed up to play last night and absolutely killed the Ravens. Steve McNair did the seemingly impossible and out-choked Peyton Manning, giving the Colts the ball back each time that the Ravens took it away.

Speaking of Manning, Mr. January now has five interceptions in the postseason. He threw two picks yesterday and was damned fortunate not to throw four. Only Ray Lewis' two tips prevented the Ravens from snagging two more easy passes. For Colts fans, they gotta love what they're getting from the defense, but you gotta wonder if, in the backs of their minds, they're more than a little bit nervous about Manning's awful play in the playoffs. I'll say this: if Peyton Manning wants to shed his reputation as a regular season hero and playoff goat, he needs to put Indy in the Super Bowl next Sunday.