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Russ Grimm says "he's ready" for the Steelers head coaching job, should he get the offer. Grimm completed a six hour interview with team officials on Wednesday.

Mike Tomlin, meanwhile, remains in the mix. I hadn't realized just how young - 34 years of age - Tomlin is. The Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator would be taking on a very different role and may be viewed as too green for this organization. Who knows, though? The same things were said about Bill Cowher before he joined Pittsburgh as the top coach.

Call it a hunch, but don't be surprised if the Steelers draft Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown with their first round choice in the 2007 NFL draft. We'll dive into full draft coverage in the coming months.

Around the league, Mary Schottenheimer will remain with the Chargers, team officials announced. For all the Marty critics out there, I agree with this decision completely. For all that we hear about Marty and the "big game," I'm reminded that we heard the same knocks on Bill Cowher for years. Patience has its rewards. Especially in this league.