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Cowher's Decision to Come Today?

Steelers sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortenson that the Rooneys and Bill Cowher will be meeting very shortly to discuss Cowher's future, with the intention of pressing him to make a decision sometime today.

Stay tuned to see what unfolds but I will say this: if Cowher does decide to walk away, I can't say I would blame him. 15 years with one NFL is a lifetime for one thing. Heck, 15 years at any job is tough. Of course there's all the family reasons, and none of us would argue with a decision that was based on his desire to spend more time with his wife and daughter. Finally, the man doesn't get paid nearly what he deserves. The Rooney family, as much as I love them, is frugal. There's just no denying that. And while I don't think Cowher is starving for money, it's only natural to want to get paid what you deserve.

I do think that Cowher still has the drive and itch to coach at the professional level. But, he may very well decide to take a year off, renergize himself, and take on a new challenge in a new market. I sure as hell hope not, but I'd neither blame the man, nor be surprised if it happened.

We'll see.