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Hoak out as Running Backs Coach, Cowher Next?

One piece of news while we await Coach Cowher's decision.

Running backs coach Dick Hoak has stepped down, ending his unprecedented 45-year career as an assitant with the Steelers. Needless to say, no man has ever graced the sidelines of one team as an assitant for so long!

Hoak has been on the sidelines for every title the Steelers won, and was with them for 742 of their 1,057 all-time games. Crazy. Crazy I tell you.

Will his resignation conincide with Cowher's? Hoak said that didn't factor into his decision, so we'll take him at face value I suppose. But, it's just another piece of evidence that continues to suggest that the end of the Cowher era in Pittsburgh may be upon us.