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Live Blog! Patriots at Colts [1st Quarter]

Time to get this party started. Hope you'll stick around and join me for the AFC Title Game...

Pregame Tough that our Steelers weren't involved in the postseason this year, but playoff football is fun, regardless.

Any thoughts on predictions from the gallery? I'm already on record picking the Colts to win this, so I won't change now, but man, it's tough to pick Manning over Brady. Then again, the Colts have Vinatieri.

Kickoff coming shortly.

14:49 Pats take the opening kickoff. Colts simply can't let New England score early.

13:35 Pats convert a 3rd and 7 on a draw to Kevin Faulk. This reminds me: there's been lots of talk about the Colts' improvement on defense in the playoffs, but let's face it, they've been containing some incredibly one-dimensional attacks. Entirely different challenge today.

12:38 Brady throws one in the turf and the Pats have to punt. Colts take over at the 30. Early opportunity for Manning.

11:45 Colts run to Addai twice to start things, picking up 7. Long pass to Addai on third down incomplete. There should be room for Addai to run today, but I think he's overrated as a running back. As was Edgerrin James. Peyton makes all these guys look better than they are. I sometimes think I could pick up 1,000 yards running in that offense.

8:00 Dillon busts a 35 yarder on 4th and an inch and New England's making it clear they believe they can run on Indy. Smart. Woop! There goes Maroney for 10 more yards. Pats inside the five.

7:24 Excuse me?! The Patriots get a touchdown! On a near disaster! Oh, my! Colts almost got bailed out by a Maroney fumble, but the ball squirts out of the scram to the end zone, where a Patriot lineman falls on it. Wow.

The big story, though, is not the fumble, but the ease with which New England marched down the field on the Colts defense. From the looks of things, this one's gonna be on Peyton to win. I don't think the Colts defense can carry the team through this one. Patriots 7 Indanapolis 0

4:17 Outstanding catch by Dallas Clark on 3rd and 6 and the Colts are moving into New England territory. Just about in Vinatieri's range at this point.

2:57 Addai picks up a first down by the nose of the ball to help avoid a tough 4th down decision for Dungy.

0:48 Colts drive finally stalls after a costly holding penalty and some outstanding work by the Patriots' corners. Vinatieri makes a 42 yard field goal and the Colts are on the board. Patriots 7 Colts 3

End Of Quarter The big story of the first quarter is the Patriots ability to run the ball and the elite play of their cornerbacks' thus far. Nothing for Colts fans to get too worked up about, though. This one's gonna be competitive. We knew that before it started.