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Live Blog! Patriots at Colts [2nd Quarter]

Patriots lead 7-3 and have the ball to start the 2nd Quarter.

13:50 Maroney sidesteps a potential Colts tackler and picks up a first down. Patriots already have 84 yards rushing. 11:10 Patriots bypass a 52 yard field goal try and go for it on 4th and 6. Brady finds Troy Brown open on a Colts blitz. Brady so calm under pressure and the Patriots have 1st and Goal from the 7. As I type this, Cory Dillon walks into the end zone. Patriots 14 Colts 3

Timeout And there it is! Our first Peyton Manning sighting... in a commercial! Yes, there's Peyton urging me to buy a Sprint phone and cheer for 6-5, 235 pound dudes who can't run and/or win a big playoff game. No wonder I'm a Verizon guy.

9:25 Here we go again...

A Peyton Manning pick six! Awful throw from Manning and the Patriots score again.

It simply cannot be a coincidence that Peyton's first INT immediately followed the first Peyton commercial of the game... Patriots 21 Colts 3

8:03 Scary moment for the Colts, as Manning is sacked twice in a row, they take a delay of game penalty, face 3rd down and 24 from their own end zone, and are starting to hear boos from the fans. Uh. Oh.

6:07 Third down and 8 and Brady patiently waits for Ben Watson to get open for 18 yards. First down New England and they're just about in field goal range. Colts defense cannot allow a touchdown here.

4:26 Patriots' Troy Brown busted for an illegal pick, taking away what would have been another third down pickup. Illegal shift penalty makes it 3rd and 21 for New England, and they're out of field goal range. Colts must get a stop here.

3:33 And they do. Dwight Freeney is just unfair. So, so good. Pats have to punt, and the Colts will get the ball back with three minutes to go in the half.

You get the feeling that they desperately need a score here - at least a field goal. And something to get Peyton's mind off his slow start.

2:00 Colts hit the two minute warning with the ball and a first down. More than enough time for Indianapolis to get a score here....

Uh oh! We just had our second Peyton Manning commercial sighting! Peyton's helping to pimp a big screen TV now. After what happened following his last commercial, I'd be nervous if I were an Indy fan.

0:24 Peyton's leading the Colts right down the field and inside the New England 10. Indy probably ought to consider going with the hurry-up offense the rest of the game. The less time New England has to scheme, the better.

0:11 Officials wave off a flag thrown in the end zone, bringing up 4th down and goal for the Colts. Dungy calls timeout to argue with the officials, but from the replays, it looks like the officials got the right call. Manning wants Dungy to go for the touchdown here, but Dungy's not listening. Vinatieri nails the chippie. Patriots 21 Colts 6

Halftime Well... not the start the Colts wanted, obviously. Manning's 13 of 24 for 124 yards, including an interception which was returned for a touchdown. That certainly won't help his reputation as a Big Game Choker. The upside, of course, is that if the Colts win, it'll likely be because of a huge second half for Manning. We'll see.