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Live Blog! Patriots at Colts [3rd Quarter]

Colts get the ball first... Points here would be huge.

13:33 Colts go with Dominic Rhodes to open the second half. Smart, smart, smart. He's more active and effective than Addai.

8:13 Bingo! The Colts march down the field on a near-perfect drive to throw a nice counter-punch back at the Pats. Manning looked very good on the drive, while the running game got a nice boost from Dominic Rhodes. Crowd's officially back in the game, Colts are within a touchdown and two-point conversion, and the dreaded blowout has been avoided. We got ourselves a game!

6:50 Three and out for Brady and the Patriots... and suddenly the Colts have "The Big Mo!"

4:00 After a pass interference call in the end zone, the Colts punch it in with a short pass to a fat former Patriots lineman. Nice little play and suddenly the Patriots are reeling, while the Colts are rolling. The icing on the cake? Colts go for two, and get it. Patriots 21 Colts 21

3:50 And the Patriots promplty return the kick 80 yards to the Colts' 21. This is getting fun.

1:25 Huge play here as Dungy is challenging a touchdown ruling on the field. I think the officials made the right call, though - the receiver's feet would have been in bounds had he not been blasted out by a Colts defender. Replays show that both his feet were in bounds when he leapt for the catch, and he was easily going to get both feet in. This one's not gonna be overturned.

1:25 Yup. Confirmed. Touchdown Patriots and they retake the lead. Patriots 28 Colts 21

End Of Quarter Colts marching once again, thanks to Dominic Rhodes. Makes you wonder why Indy's start Addai in these games. Rhodes is the guy Indy needs.