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Live Blog! Patriots at Colts [4th Quarter]

Colts have the ball at the Patriot 35 to start the quarter.

13:24 And the Colts catch the same break the Patriots did, recovering a goal line fumble for a touchdown! It's Jeff Saturday, the center, and we're suddenly enjoying a classic playoff football game here. Patriots 28 Colts 28

11:45 Patriots go three and out, but may be losing the glue of their defense - Bob Sanders. No report yet on if he'll be back. Colts take over at their own 21 and a quickly tiring Patriots defense has to retake the field. I'm not sure the Patriots can survive another brutally long drive.

10:37 For the first time this half, the Colts struggle on offense, going three and out. Patriots needed that in the worst way and will take over with outstanding field position after a personal foul face mask penalty.

8:53 Tom Brady showing why he's such an outstanding fourth quarter quarterback, while Reche Caldwell having a historic choke of a half here, dropping -another- wide open football.

7:45 Patriots stall out short of the end zone and settle for a field goal. Very important for the Colts to hold New England to a field goal there, and they do. Patriots 31 Colts 28

7:10 Manning's hand is apparently fine. 52 yard pass to Clark and the Colts are easily within field goal range already.

5:34 Colts decide to run on third and five but fall short, and will have to settle for a field goal try. Vinatieri hits his 29th straight field goal in the RCA Dome and ties it back up. We're all tied again, and set up for a classic finish. Who gets the ball last? Patriots 31 Colts 31

5:21 Once more, the Patriots answer a Colts score by returning the kickoff for great yardage. They'll open on their own 46. This sets up nicely for Brady and late game heroics. Look for the Pats to keep passing.

3:49 The Pats work into field goal range and the rookie kicker buries a 45 yarder to retake the lead. Manning's got the chance to be a hero here, which is all he could hope for. Colts get the ball back with 3:49 to go... Patriots 34 Colts 31

3:22 Whoops. Manning goes 0-for-3, the Colts punt, and Brady takes over at their own 40 with a chance to run out the clock. Colts with 2 timeouts and the two minute warning. Go time for both teams.

2:30 Timeout Colts to stop the clock with the Patriots facing 3rd down and about 4. Look for New England to run a play action pass here - maybe to Watson.

2:17 Bob Sanders almost picks off Tom Brady, who telegraphed his pass to Troy Brown. Patriots punt it into the end zone and the Colts take over at the 20. This drive could define Peyton Manning's career. Huge, huge opportunity.

Two Minute Warning Manning finds Bryan Fletcher for 32 yards, then Reggie Wayne for 20 more, and the Patriots hit Manning in the helmet for a penalty. The Colts are on the Pats 11 yard line, with more than enough time to run whatever kind of play they want. This just couldn't be setting up better. Outstanding football game.

1:00 Colts' Addai scores and the Colts take the lead. Colts 38 Patriots 34

0:54 Can Brady do it again? He'll have less than a minute to take the Pats 79 yards... Wow, this is good stuff.

0:16 Tom Brady: intercepted. Manning will win his first ever big game. Can he win his first ever championship, at any level? He'll get his shot against Chicago. Congratulations to Indianapolis, your 2006-07 AFC Champs.

Yes, I barfed a little typing that.