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Tomlin Time Continues

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I know it's sort of All Tomlin All The Time right now, but let's face it, that's the news at this particular moment. We can't talk free agent and draft acquisitions until we talk about the coaching staff and front office folks who will be making the decisions in the first place.

So that's where we are. It's Tomlin Time, for now and the forseeable future - until this staff is assembled and analyzed.

First things first - did you see this article in the Post-Gazette today? I don't know how you could read that article, listen to the words this man chooses, and the way he puts them together, and not be excited that we may have a special man in charge of the team. Yes, yes - this will all be decided by how the team performs, but seriously... wow! I can't help but get excited about this man. It's official: I've got a ManCrush.

Second, Art Rooney II said that the coach's relationship with Kevin Colbert will not change just because Tomlin is a young and, relatively speaking, inexperienced. This doesn't surprise me one bit, and is one of the many reasons why - as much as I respect what he's getting at - I so strongly disagree with AZSteeler's assessment of this hiring by the Rooneys.

When I think things through, I'm actually left with an opposite conclusion: I believe that I'd be a hell of a lot more nervous about the Rooneys hiring a "yes man" if they'd hired an experienced, older guy who was happy to just come and do their bidding. Instead, they went for the young star. And guys like Tomlin - from everything we're seeing so far - don't stow away their hearts and souls to come be yes men for the owners.

The streak is alive: yet another day I become even more excited about our coaching hire than I was the day before.

Yeah. It feels good.