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Concern About New Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians....

I'm worried. I won't lie. Why you ask? Bruce Arians has been elevated to offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Of all the moves initiated by the Rooney family this past two weeks, this is the one I'm most concerned about. Arians had his chance to lead an offense. He was the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator from 2001-2003. How did the Brownies fare during those years?

Not very well. In Arians' first season, the Browns sported the league's 7th worst offense , scoring only 17.8 points per game. Either their running back sucked, or he wasn't very imaginative in his running schemes, as the Browns averaged only 3.2 yards per rush, the worst mark in the league. By the way, the Browns lost twice to the Steelers in 2001.

What about 2002? Any better? Yes actually. The Browns finished the year 9-7, and advanced to the playoffs before losing that crazy game at Heinz Field when the Steelers came storming back to win 36-33 behind Tommy Maddox.

The Browns scored 21.5 points per game in 2002, good for 19th best in the NFL. Better, but still not good. The Browns featured a pass-happy offense in 2002, compiling 27 TDs and a Ben Roethlisberger-esque 22 INTs. The defense was the real Achilles heal for the Browns that year though, not the offense. In fact, there was reason for optimism heading into the 2003 season, the third year that head coach Bruce Davis and Bruce Arians were together.

The Browns offense regressed in 2003 though. By year's end, they had scored only 254 points , fewer than 16 points per game. The team finished 5-11 and both were shown the door.

It should be noted that none of these Browns teams were spectacularly talented. In fact, none of Arians' teams approached the talent-level that he'll have at his disposal with the Steelers. But, not once was one of his offense's in the top half of the league in scoring. In fact, twice his teams were in the bottom 1/4 of the league.

That's just not good enough for this Steelers fan.