Steelers Should Draft Marshawn Lynch

I know, I know, we need a shut down corner, especially in light the Ike Taylor trauma, but the best secondary guy who may fall to us, LaRon Landry, is more of a safety.  And we need an outside linebacker, especially in light of Porter's volatile situation, but the position is rather weak this year.  And we need an offensive guard, but the first round may not be the right time. So, what do the final four NFL teams this year have in common?  They all have dual running backs.  The Jones/Benson tandem beat Duece/Bush and the Rhodes/Addai duo beat Maroney/Dillon.  What does that say?  I submit that Fast Willie needs help and the best NFL player sitting 15th this April will be Marshawn Lynch.  In subsequent rounds we can fill the other needs.

Mary Rose

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