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Super Bowl Week....

It's Super Bowl week here on the Sports Blog Nation network. I'll have a minipreview at some point during the week, but the bloggers for the Colts and Bears most certainly have a better scoop than I do.

*For Colts coverage, go visit our dear friend BigBlueShoe at Stampede Blue.

*For all things Bears, check out Windy City Gridiron.

For the record, I'm taking the Bears to win this one.

*Jeez...I didn't think things could possibly get worse in Oakland now that Art Shell was shown the door. Until I read this . Good luck Mr. Kiffin. If you last more than two years, I will wholeheartedly tip my hat to you.

*Is Norv Turner really going to get another chance to be a head coach? So much for the theory that NFL teams are more interested in young, fresh minds than recycled, washed-up, veteran coaches.