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Pick 'Em Challenge Rules Update....

Guys, and gals, in case you missed it earlier this week, we had a tie atop the standings of the inaugural BTSC Pick 'Em Challenge Contest. Congrats to zknower and Chris Pokorny.

Let me begin by apologizing for not foreseeing this possibility and making the rules clear in the case of a tie. That was a mistake on my part, and now I'm forced to make up a rule on the fly and hope everyone is cool with it. It's been fun but a lot of work running the contest, and I'm not above admitting that there are aspects I will improve next year. I thought it would be more intimate and fun if we ran the contest from the site directly, as opposed to having it hosted on ESPN or another big site. That of course meant that I was the arbitor on all the rules, and consequently have overlooked certain things. Anyways.

So here it goes (zknower, Chris, don't kill me when you read this): We're all going to continue participating throughout the playoffs. So, if you're just a handful of games behind, you're still alive. There's obviously fewer games each week, so it will be hard to make up much ground, but there's 11 games remaining counting the Super Bowl, so anything's possible.

Again, Chris Pokorny and zknower--I hope you guys are ok with this. I can certainly understand if you think that's bogus, but I hope you understand. The playoffs are exciting, lots of you cheer for teams other than the Steelers, and I wanted to give everybody the chance to stay interested 'till the final whistle blows at the Super Bowl.

So, email me your picks for this weekend's game prior to kickoff. Remember, Wild Card games begin on Saturday, so don't forget to get them on time.

Good Luck!