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Chance to Watch the Steelers Tonight....

Sad that there's no bowl games tonight? Disappointed the Steelers have played their last game of the season? Hungover from a fun birthday last night (that would be me) and eager to do nothing but lounge this evening?

Then tune in at 8 pm EST to re-watch the Steelers win last year's Super Bowl at Ford Field in Detroit. It's a strange time to be a Steelers fan at the moment. We had a disappointing season, aren't in the playoffs, and seem to be in store for some bigtime changes. We're not used to this kind of stuff.

Anyway, check it out and remind yourself that at this time last year, we were gearing up for one of the more improbably Super Bowl runs since the merger.

One final caveat, you need NFL Network. Not sure if their free promo is still going on. Hat tip to steelerinchicago for alerting us of this in a diary a few days ago.