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Whiz Kids Beat On & Beat Up Steelers

By: DaTruth4Life

Steelers Nation, that knot in your stomach that you feel right about now is indigestion from a Whiz-Grimm-A. Wilson knuckle sandwich. This case of indigestion lasts about 7 days and can only be cured by a win next week from the visiting Seahawks. Let's get to it!

-Big, Big, Big win for the Cards. Disappointing loss for the Steelers. The team that makes the most big plays wins, right? That's football. The Steelers were simply outplayed today in all facets of the game.

-Coaches coach and players play. Whiz had his team read to play. However, so did Tomlin. The score was 7-0 at halftime in favor of the Steelers. Anybody's game at that point. The Cards wanted it more and took it. Simple as that.

-Question for you. What hurts more? A root canal, your first true love telling you that she just wants to be friends, or Ben throwing an interception in the end zone?

-Let's see, I've never had a root canal before. It didn't take long for me to realize that there are another billion women in this world besides this one. I'd go with answer C. Ben, Ben, Ben. You CAN'T throw an interception right there. Just throw it away and at least get 3 points. That would have made the game 10-7 and allowed your team to keep the momentum.

-That one play was the turning point in the whole game. Ben not turning the ball over is the difference between an 11-5 team and an AFC North division champion and one that will be 8-8 and on the outside looking in come playoff time.

-Injuries are no excuse for a loss. Whatever 11 you have on the field has to make plays, according to Tomlin in his press conference after the game. A. Boldin would have probably put a hurting on the Black & Gold today. However, not having Ward, Hampton, Palomula and McFadden won't make getting a win any easier. What's that old saying, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight?" At the end, the Steelers didn't even have a knife. They had a pocket-sized bottle opener.

-I must say I was a little disappointed in what LeBeau had designed for the Cards' no huddle. He basically played a lot of dime defense, with 2 DLs, 3LBs, and 6 DBs. This formation did put pressure on Warner, but it also left the team very vulnerable to the run. Even against the spread, I think the Steelers will have to keep Farrior and Foote in the game along with a 4-man front to stop the run. If you didn't like seeing what the Cards did with Warner, you better get used to it. That is what the Steelers D will see until they prove they can stop it.

-Also, the Cards revealed the blue print to stop the Steelers O this year. Stop Willie and make Ben beat you. On D, spread them out and throw the ball until they stop it. Can't get too much more simple than that.

-You have to like your franchise QB when he says, "This loss is on me." You don't have to like it when what he says is mostly true. Man, those turnovers inside the 5-yard line are killers.

-Well, the "Angry Man" cometh next week. Not Tomlin. LB Andre Frazier will be part of the Steelers special teams next week. It might not be too long before Cedric Wilson take Frazier's spot on the inactive list. Willie Reid had 2 catches and ran with the ball like he wanted more. C. Wilson had 0 catches, and his best run of the night was when he ran to the sideline trying to avoid Ben after he ran the wrong pattern. On a night the team needed him, Wilson didn't show up. Tomlin doesn't care about Wilson's contract or his moodiness. Just results.

-Anytime Ike is your leading tackler, you know it hasn't been a great day for the Defense. He did strip Fitzgerald once, but that jump ball is just a play that Ike almost seems defenseless against. You think Whiz brought that to Fitzgerald's attention during the week?

-To be 3-1 after 4 games isn't terrible. If it wasn't for Ben's INT in the endzone and Breaston's punt return, we'd be discussing if this team could go 5-0. But like my great aunt used to say, "If a bullfrog had wings, then he wouldn't spend all his time bumping his a** against the ground."

-Sepulvada punished the ball all day long. I guess Ed Bouchette will now say the Steelers should have kept Mike Barr and used the 2 draft picks it took for Sepulvada to draft some punt coverage gunners.

-Were you screaming at the TV like I was early in the 3rd quarter for Bruce Arians to go 3 WR and spread the field spread or go to the no huddle? I told you before the Cardinals corners could get beat deep and the Steelers hit some and missed some. Nate Washington, if you and Ben could have hooked up on that sideline post pattern ... then I wouldn't have just said that last sentence.

-There's no need to argue about who is this team's No. 1 WR. The Steelers have two, Ward and Holmes. You are lucky, Steelers Nation. Some teams don't even have one.

-Well, Mr. Tomlin, the canvass is now blank and you get to continue to paint a Picasso. You also get to show everyone again why the Rooneys chose you to take this ship forward. I still believe they made the right choice. Now, I want to see what choices you will make to make sure some of these mistakes will disappear.

That's it for me. Steelers Nation, Take care, Be blessed.