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Football Outsiders Rankings

Football Outsiders has released their DVOA rankings for week 5.  I don't know how much stock I put in calculations like these but hey we're in a bye week so what else do we have to do.  They explain their DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) ranking as a system that breaks down ever single play and compares a team's performance to the league average based on situation in order to determine value over average. You can look on thier website and read about how they calculate these numbers because it's too complex to try and explain on here.  

Overall team rank:  3rd   (39.4%)

Offensive rank:  7th  (12.4%)

Defensive rank:  2nd  (-26.7%)

Special teams rank:  16th  (0.2%)

They also have their playoffs odds updated through week 5, the projections are based on over 5,000 simulations using their rankings (again I'm not sure that this should mean anything but it's interesting to consider).  

Projected Wins: 10.9
Odds of gaining #1 seed: 9.9%
Odds of gaining #2 seed: 22.9%
Odds of gaining #3 seed: 37.8%
Odds of gaining #4 seed: 4.9%
Odds of gaining #5 seed: 5.0%
Odds of gaining #6 seed: 7.1%

Odds of winning the AFC North: 75.6%
Odds of getting a bye in the playoffs: 32.8%
Odds of getting the wild card: 12.1%

Odds of appearing the AFC Championship game: 32.7%
Odds of winning the AFC Championship game: 13.1%
Odds of winning the Super Bowl:  7.6%
    As far as other teams ahead of the Steelers in their Super Bowl odds here is a list in order:
    NE   30.2%
    IND 15.8%
    DAL 10.9%
    TB   8.3%
    GB   8.1%

So do you guys care about any of these numbers or is it all just a bunch of BS?