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News from Steeler town

The only bit of Steelers news I can find anywhere is bad news as Najeh Davenport has been charged with three misdemeanor counts (domestic violence, endangering children, and unlawful restraint) in connection with a domestic dispute last week. I don't think we have to bring up his previous infamous run in with the police but either way if he's convicted it's likely he'll be suspended of course and possibly jail time. I can't find anywhere when the first court date is but normally attorneys are pretty good at getting any potential trial or plea deal delayed until after the season is over. It might also be worth noting that this took place in Cleveland so I wouldn't expect any preferential treatment (I'm only about half serious when I say that but still).  

BTSC also gets some love from AOL sports blog. They always have quality stuff and sometimes pretty comical at the same time.