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Quick Hits, Steelers Style

* There's plenty being written by the newspapers about the Steelers' upcoming schedule. The theme is our upcoming block of games no longer seems nearly as daunting as it did when the schedule was released. Sure, but that does not mean I'm feeling overconfident. For one, we made mistakes in all three phases of the game the last time we took to the road. And secondly, we're playing two teams in the next two weeks that are basically playing for their seasons. One of the teams - Denver - is also coming off a BYE week and will have been in Denver for three straight weeks without travel or any other distractions. Dangerous.

* Kinda cool look at some of the psychological aspects of motivation in football at Steeler Fury.

* Every time I look, Hines Ward is involved in something new. Whether it's spending some time with a Carnegie Mellon professor who is dying, or a charity function around town, Hines is always visible in the community. This time he's got his own cell phone package being released by Cricket. Of course, proceeds from the limited time offer go to the Hines Ward Foundation.

* Here's a good piece on the state of the Dolphins and Joey Porter at JoeyPortersPitBulls. My favorite part? His inclusion of a quote from Porter's rival Kellon Winslow after the game. When asked about Porter after the game, Winslow responded:

"Did he play today? I didn't see him.
I'm not in the business of bashing Porter constantly, I just think he's a fool for not realizing that being a member of this defense was a big reason why he was celebrated individually. His ego however told him that he was a star that would keep shining no matter the system. Wrong.

Update: You can check out the video footage of the Joey Porter - Levi Jones Las Vegas scuffle, recently released by Fox Sports.