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Ed Bouchette Answers Your Steelers Questions

Ed Bouchette had his weekly chat today and like normal a lot of the questions were irrelevant. I was surprised how many questions centered around Joey Porter and the lack of national media attention the Steelers have received thus far. There were some interesting tidbits though such as an injury update, playing time for Woodley and Timmons, possible defensive and offensive adjustments heading forward.

Ed also got a couple of questions about the playing time for Woodley and Timmons. He said that Woodley's play has been limited because of the success of Clark Haggans, but that you'll also see more of both rookies this week because of the high altitude.  

The adjustment questions headed into the upcoming weeks centered around last week's new defensive look and the possibility of seeing the `no huddle' sometime soon. After a question about seeing the 4-3 last week, Bouchette pointed out that it wasn't a 4-1-6 and that is more resembled their dime or quarter defenses of the past. After a question from DaTruth4Life about seeing more of his Big package (4-2-5), Bouchette pointed out that this defense is better suited for that kind of defense that it has been in the past. Ed also said Tomlin raved about Kreider this week and that may lead to seeing more of the goal line package of Krieder and Davenport in the future.

There was also one particular question that I liked:

byeweekblues: If the steelers win the next 3-in a-row against AFC North foes, can they pop the champagne on the division title?

Ed Bouchette: Since I've been covering them, they've never popped champagne on a division title, or even went way out of their way to celebrate one.

I don't think that the question was actually about whether or not the Steelers' would celebrate but it still shows that people who cover this team are clear on the fact that this franchise isn't satisfied with anything less than a Super Bowl victory.