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This weeks DVOA ranking for your Pittsburgh Steelers

This weeks DVOA rankings were released yesterday by Football Oustiders, so it's time to blast you with some more numbers. As you would imagine Pittsburgh jumped Dallas in the overall team percentages and is now comfortably the #3 team in the league. I also searched around their site more this week and found individual player rankings, I'm sure some of these numbers will surprise everyone.  

Team DVOA: 3rd (36.9%)
Offense DVOA: 8th (10.8%)
Defense DVOA: 1st (-25.9%)
Special Teams DVOA: 18th (0.2%)

Individual Player's DVOA
Ben Roethlisberger: 10th (22.4%)
Willie Parker: 31st (-9.5%) - anything less than zero is below replacement level
Santonio Holmes: 1st (80.9%) -- for what it's worth second place is 49.1%
Hines Ward: doesn't have enough receptions to qualify
Heath Miller: 3rd (46.6%)

For what it's worth I'll also list the numbers for this week's opponent, the Denver Broncos.  
Team: 24th (-20.8%)
Offense: 13th (3.8%)
Defense: 28th (12.9%)
Jay Cutler: 16th (13.5%)
Travis Henry: 24th (0.9%)
Javon Walker: 63rd (-16.5%)
Daniel Graham: 19th (9.7%)

The two numbers that obviously are the most surprising are Parker's 31st ranking and Holmes #1 ranking. These are a couple of numbers that I think hurt FWP's rank in this system: 2 fumbles (they count a fumble whether or not it is lost) and just 1 touchdown. That ranking is also a bit skewed because it ranks any player with over 30 carries such as Justin Fargas (17th), Earnest Graham (23rd), Kenny Watson (5th), Kenton Keith (6th), and Correll Buckhalter (3rd) so I wouldn't be to "up in arms" over such a low ranking.