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Steelers Seeking Mile-High Status in Denver

By DaTruth4Life

I shall announce my return to this forum ala Michael Jordan style with 2 words:


  • Coming off the bye week, DaTruth is feeling pretty good. The hammy's fine, the knees are feeling strong and my mind is right. In fact, DaTruth feels like playing a game of Whip-Arrsss with somebody wearing blue and orange supplying the Arrssss. Oh, you say that's already on the menu for Monday night? Well, Bon Appetique!
  • Have heard very little chirping from the Mile High area this week. Maybe everyone there is going over the Broncos run schemes just like the coaching staff. The bottom line with this game is turnovers. If the Steelers don't turn the ball over, they'll win going away. If the Broncos can force turnovers and have a few other things break their way, then they can steal this game. Any Given Sunday, right?
  • Wrong. Coach T has been in this team's ear for two weeks and they'll be ready. Having Big Snack practice today and say he's going to play on Sunday helps enforce that. Even B. McFadden getting back on the field this week is good news. He won't play this week, but it means he'll be back on the field sooner rather than later.
  • Do you think Big Ben knows his Commandments? No, not those from the Big Guy to Moses, but those from the Big Tuna to Romo. For those of you who didn't see it, Bill Parcells provided Cowboys QB Tony Romo with a list of his 11 QB Commandments. Let's see where Ben is at with these:

    No. 1: Ignore all outside opinions on football matters (For Ben, check)

    No. 2: Have fun but don't be the class clown (Ben, check)

    No. 3: A QB throws with his legs, so a QB should always work to strengthen his legs (Ben, check)

    No. 4: Know your job cold (Check)

    No. 5: Know your own players (Check)

    No. 6: Be the same guy everyday (No Hollywood here. Ben could have gone that way, but I think the accident changed that. Check)

    No. 7: Throwing it away is okay (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!) DaTruth, let Steelers Nation know what they'll win if their franchise QB ever consistently abides by this commandment:

    Answer: A trip to The Show this year with a few more to follow.

    You want the other 4 commandments? Because you are Steelers Nation, here they are:

    No. 8: Manage the game

    No. 9: Get your team into the end zone

    No. 10: Keep Cool in Chaos

    No. 11: Don't be a celebrity QB

    Man, if Ben can get No. 7 down, this team will be tough to beat, no matter who they play. Yep, Patriots fans, this includes you too.

  • This week's reason why the DaTruth will admit Man-Love for Tomlin. This is Tomlin's response during his press conference this week on why LB Clark Haggans is playing so well this year and his philosophy on how to get players to perform at their best.

    "Clark has played very good football, as have a lot of guys on our defense. Clark's motor is always running. He plays with a great tempo. He plays with great energy and enthusiasm. He is a veteran football player. He knows what he is doing. We have come to expect that kind of play from him and he has delivered. The quality of his play has limited the chances of opportunity for a guy like LaMarr Woodley. That is the nature of it. He understands that and I'm sure LaMarr does. I'm sure the next opportunity LaMarr gets to play he is going to put his best foot forward."

    Now circle the rest of what Tomlin says here:

    "Competition is the ultimate motivator. As coaches, we can talk about great speeches and all those things we do to motivate football teams, but you want to create an environment where guys get better and put together a good football team. You want to put together a group of guys that are confident and capable and are going to compete against each other."

  • Man, that's the kind of stuff that'll make a grown man cry, isn't it?
  • I don't know about this machine the Steelers are so supposed to have on the sideline to stimulate blood flow. Whenever DaTruth wants to stimulate HIS blood flow, he takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and thinks of Gisele Bundchen and Alicia Keys alone with DaTruth on a desert island, with both begging him to stop watching game film long enough to give them a dose of the truth. Umh. Umh. Uhm. Yep, that does it for me.
  • I know some of you are saying, "DaTruth would want Tom Brady's sloppy seconds?" Well, it all depends on how you look at it. Baby's mama or not, Gisele is only 27. Plus, she has five other sisters in Brazil who want to be super models as well. DaTruth LIKES them odds. Wouldn't you?
  • Speaking of blood not flowing to the brain, how dumb do you have to be, (I'm talking to you, Broncos RB Travis Henry) to have 9 different babies by 9 different women and, on top of that, sign a $22.5 million contract with a $6 million dollar signing bonus that says you will repay all of it if you are caught toking again. And then you TOKE! Yeah, I think he rode that little yellow bus to school each morning, too.
  • That lump in the throat of Broncos fans just got a little bigger with the announcement that WR Javon Walker will have knee surgery on Friday and miss the Steelers game this week and several more to come. If a banged up Champ can't go Sunday, Broncos fans might as well just stay home and watch the Rockies.
  • You guys here know how much DaTruth loves the NFL Draft. Good news for Steelers fans. The 2008 NFL Draft will be loaded with OTs and DBs. When it comes to the draft, there are only two people that the DaTruth really listens to. Todd McShay of and Don Banks of In fact, check out McShay's list of his Top 32 Draft-Eligible Prospects.
  • McShay projects that as many as 6 OTs, 4 CBs and 4 WRs could go in the first round next year. All are areas the Steelers will be looking closely at. One LB that DaTruth loves is ILB Rey Maualuga, USC. 6'3'', 251, 4.6 in the 40. Forget the measurables. He's a baller and he's as nasty as the DaTruth is naughty. Sounds like a Tomlin kind of guy to me.
  • What is that white piece of plastic on the Broncos 50-yard line that the cameras are showing during the Broncos-Steelers game on Sunday night? Oh! I know! That's Dre Bly's jock strap after Big Ben hits Santonio on a double move for a TD. Spaeth, Miller and Najeh will eat, too. You heard it here first.
  • Click-Clack. Click-Clack. Click-Clack. No Under Armour commercial here. Those are the sounds of Willie Reid's cleats on the heels of Nate Washington and Cedric Wilson. One of the two will be sitting in favor of Reid before this season is over with, and injury won't be the reason.
  • Expect to see more of the Najeh-Kreider backfield this week. Najeh is putting it in the endzone and Tomlin is all about the W. Will Fast Willie get ticked off that Najeh is stealing some of TDs? Yeah, he will. But look at what Marion Barber has done for Julius Jones in Dallas. Everytime Jones gets anywhere near the red zone, he's busting his aarrsss because he knows if he doesn't get in from distance, Barber's going to eat. If Najeh's goal-line rumblings make FWP a better red zone back, then so be it.
  • For those of you that think the Patriots are the measuring stick for the Steelers, you are wrong. It is the Ravens and here is why. The Ravens punked the Steelers twice this past year. Where I'm from, if a Bully smacks you around in front of the neighborhood, you'll get no respect in the Hood until you get your Get Back. It don't matter what else you do. The way to get your 'Get Back?' Come back and hit the Bully in the mouth and keep hitting him until he says Uncle. The Steelers have to make the Ravens say "Uncle" this year before you can say they are truly back.
  • Steelers Nation, I'm out like David Carr's tenure in Carolina. Courtesy of "Uncle Vinny." By the way, how'd you like to tell your kids you were beat out of a position by somebody's grandfather. Anyway, take care and Be Blessed.