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Getting to know the Steelers opponent: Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is a young quarterback who is still in the developmental stage of his career. With only 10 career games (5 last year and 5 games so far this year) he has been somewhat efficient with an 84 QB rating over that span and a 13 to 11 TD to INT ratio. In some aspects Cutler has been more productive this year as he's raised his completion percentage (59.1 to 64.5) and yards per game (200.2 to 231.6), but he's also regressed as the team has had to lean on him more this season. His QB rating has dropped (88.5 to 79.9) and his touchdown to interception ratio has suffered as well (9/5 to 4/6). Cutler has gotten better at avoiding the rush and scrambling this year as his sacks have dropped from 13 to 6 and his he's cut him fumbles down from 8 to 4. For what it's worth he has a 4-6 record as the Bronco's starter.  

With all the stats being laid out, Cutler is a fairly accurate quarterback but hasn't learned yet that sometimes a throwaway is better than trying to squeeze the ball into a tight spot. He's had at least one turnover in every game of his pro career. Cutler's inconsistency and youth is not a good mix with the injuries in the Broncos offensive line so look for him to be scrambling early and often to avoid the rush. Also with 19 career sacks and 12 career fumbles, keep an eye on whether or not he can hold onto the ball when he is sacked. Cutler should have another game on his shoulders since the Steelers' defense is known for shutting down opponents running game, and we'll know by late Sunday night whether or not he's up to the task.