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Feast or Famine: Willie Parker and The Steelers Running Game

After Willie Parker was shut down on Sunday, it got me to thinking that whenever Parker and the Steelers running game is shut down, it seems as if it gets really shut down. So I took a look back at the last five games dating back to last season where Parker didn't rush for 100+ yards to see how he did and discovered:

9/30/07 vs. Arizona: 19 carries for 37 yards.

12/24/06 vs. Baltimore: 13 carries for 29 yards

12/03/06 vs. Tampa Bay: 22 carries for 61 yards.

11/26/06 vs. Baltimore: 10 carries for 22 yards.

11/19/06 vs. Cleveland: 16 carries for 46 yards.

So there you have it. Basically Parker either goes off or is largely ineffective. Two of those games in that set weren't truly horrible games for Parker, but the general trend still exists that the Steelers have either great or less than mediocre efforts running the football. There seem to be few, if any, games that don't fall under either extreme. Any thoughts?