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Steelers vs. Broncos Gameday Open Thread

Pittsburgh heads to Denver today to take on the Broncos. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15PM Eastern on NBC. Broncos have a few guys out or questionable:

J. Walker/ WR      O - Knee
H. Abdullah/ S     D - Hip
P. Smith/ RB     Q - Neck
C. Bailey/ CB     Q - Quadricep
Look at me, I'm a weather man -- feels like 30 degrees in Denver right now with a strong chance of uncomfort. Lots of wind (25-35 MPH).

Broncos are a team in need of a win here, as they're sitting unhappily in the cellar of the AFC West. The Steelers, by contrast, are on top the world, if by world you mean AFC North. Did you know: Only the St. Louis Rams have scored fewer points (in 6 games no less) than the Denver Broncos. No one has allowed fewer points than the Steelers, with 47.

Discuss that stat or anything else in the comments section. Go Steelers.

Children, stay away from this man.