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Steelers Bucked By Broncos; Hated Bengals On Deck

By the DaTruth4Life

  • Well, look on the bright side, Steelers Nation. You could be a part of the Cleveland Indians Nation. Usually, right about now, I would say, "OK, let's do what we do!" But in honor of last night's game, I instead will say "Let's do what we should have done, but didn't!"
  • Remember this from NostraDaTruth this past week: "The bottom line with this game is turnovers. If the Steelers don't turn the ball over, they'll win going away. If the Broncos can force turnovers and have a few other things break their way, then they can steal this game. Any Given Sunday, right?"  DaTruth said it, but he didn't want the team to back him up on that Joey Porter-style. There's a name for committing turnovers on the road combined with a defense that can't get off the field on 3rd downs. It's called an "L." That's what this team deserved and it's what it got. Simple as that.
  •  Speaking of simple, how simple is it to plan to attack the worst rushing defense in the league by throwing against the no. 1 ranked pass defense in the league. I agree with allowing Ben to throw some on first down when they have 8 stacked in the box. But Bruce Arians let this defense off too easy. The reason why they are bad against the run is because they don't want to tackle. Trust me, that defense wanted no part of Najeh and Kreider and was happy that BA threw as much as he did.
  • Also, if you are going to continually throw the ball, why repeatedly attack the other team's best cornerback? Dre Bly had one pick, but could have had two others. Why not go after the other guy, the same person that the same team torched about two years ago in a big game? Just asking.
  • For all of you who say that Ben lost this game, I don't agree. That first INT that he threw, he threw into double coverage. I can understand that because he wanted to give Santonio a chance to make a play. Not smart, but as Chris Rock says, I understand. The second pick was a little high and went off of Ward's hands. It might have even been tipped. The sack and fumble was costly, but even that seemed like he had people on him before he had time to react. He gave Denver 3 turnovers, but HE also put 28 points on the board for us. The bottom line is Denver going 7 of 10 on third down did this team in. Folks, your no. 1 D got shredded by a second-year QB. That's the reason for the loss.
  • We've all known for quite some time that the most indispensable person on the offense is OT Marvel Smith. Now we know who is his equal on D. That would be Mr. Aaron Smith. I don't remember the D getting roughed up like that without Troy or Big Snack, do you?
  • Protect the middle of the field, Steelers. Protect the middle of the field. Did Cutler complete anything along the sidelines at all during the game? I haven't watched the tape yet, so I can't remember. It just seemed like those slants were like 7-Eleven - open 24-7. Think Carson won't notice that this week?
  • Rossum took one heck of a hit on that opening kickoff. Maybe he and Najeh should take another one for letting that punt drop and having the team start at the 6-yard line late in the game. You know the last time we actually had a special teams player deliver a hit like that during a regular season game? It was when OLB Andre Frazier smacked the punter returner from Cleveland two seasons ago during a Monday night game (I know some of you are saying Anthony Smith against the Eagles, but that was preseason a year ago). How come other teams can get head hunters like that on their special teams and we can't?
  • I like the use of the tight ends. There are many of you who want to play smash mouth in the redzone and just stuff it down people's throats. You can do that when you have an OL that can bully people. This one can't.  I'll just take the 7, anyway that you can get it. Just like Lynch said the team wanted this win--any which way that they could get it.
  • The most disturbing thing I heard after the game was this by Santonio Holmes:
 "Coming off of a win and a bye, we just probably weren't focused. We came out and played good, but we played ok. We could have made more plays. Having a bye week, kind of hurts you. But at the same time, we just have to stay focused on the game."

My question is, what part of Tomlin's message did the team not understand the past two weeks?

  • Now, about that OL. I told you guys several weeks ago that Kendall Simmons is the weak link to the group. He played well in the preseason, but he hasn't sustained it in the games that count. Yes, there was no excuse for both Faneca and Smith to exchange pleasantries with one other while Dumerville went by both and hit Ben, causing that fumble. It almost seemed like both thought the play was dead. That was a brain fart. What has been happening to Simmons is called getting beat physically and by not moving your feet in pass protection. I think its time to give Chris K some snaps until Simmons picks his play up. I wonder what Ben would say about that if HE had a vote?
  • Speaking of earning more time, LeBeau HAS GOT to get Woodley on the field more. That play where he sacked Cutler looked like he was coiled like a snake and launched himself into Cutler. Man, he looked explosive! Can you say that about Haggans on a regular basis? The bottom line is that Woodley is the best pure pass rusher on this team. He has almost as many sacks as Haggans and has played only about one-fourth his number of snaps. For all of Kiesel's moving around in his `Adalius Thomas' role, Woodley has the same number of tackles as him plus 3 more sacks.
  • For the Big Ben haters, you're 25-year-old franchise QB is completing 63.3 percent of his passes with 13 TDS and 5 INTs  and a QB rating of 101.1. Besides a couple of hiccups, he's actually done pretty well this year. Steelers Nation, you are very fortunate. Your young QB could be named Boller, Tavaris Jackson, Trent Edwards, or Brodie Croyle. Be thankful.
  • That Jay Cutler is going to be something if Shanahan can keep his running backs from flunking drug tests and keep his outside playmakers on the field. His OL did whatever it had to do yesterday to protect him, which I think is the ultimate sign of respect of what the Big Uglies think of you as a QB.
  • 7 of 10 on 3rd downs. U. G. L. Y. This D ain't got no alibi!  Oh where, Oh where did our No. 1 defense go? Oh where, Oh where could it be?
Well, I'm out like all of the flattering "elevator music" that the Steelers have been getting from the press after its shallocking of the Seahawks two weeks ago. Maybe this team needs to hear something else besides platitudes to play to its potential. Let's see if Tomlin can find that right radio station this week. If not, then maybe a swift quick will work. Steelers Nation, Be Blessed.