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Steelers Team and Individual Statistics

Just a quick look at some of the pertinent and interesting team and individual statistics through 7 weeks. Number in parentheses indicates NFL Rank:

Scoring Defense: 13 PPG allowed (1st)

Total Defense - Yards Per Game: 250.3 (1st)

Rushing Yards Per Game Allowed: 75.5 (3rd)

Yards Per Game: 356.3 (6th)

3rd Down %: 53 % (2nd)

Time of Possesion Per Game: 34:36 (1st)


Passing Yards Per Game - Ben Roethlisberger: 217.2 (17th)

Rushing Yards Per Game - Willie Parker: 100 (2nd)

Passing Attempts Per Game - Big Ben: 27.7 (30th)


I will conclude with that final stat. Big Ben throws the ball fewer times per game than just about every quarterback in the league. I like Big Ben around this number. However, he hasn't thrown in the upper 20s in any game this year. He's either thrown the ball in the low 20s or in the low-to-mid 30s. Having only 22 pass attempts may put too much workload on FWP, while history shows that when Big Ben throws 32+ times, we're in trouble. As fans, we've voiced our concerns with FWP getting overworked in those games that Ben barely threw the ball 20 times; and after those games we've thrown 30+ times, I've noticed similar concern for the opposite reason. Let's keep it in the 24-29 pass attempts per game range, and I think we'll be just fine.  

As for the other team statistics, well, the data shows this has been a pretty well-rounded football team. Obviously last Sunday exposed some issues, but there's no doubt this is a top-10 defense. We're just too good against the run to not finish the season in the upper-third of points allowed per game. As for the offense? Again good stuff. As per usual, turnovers have been, and will remain, the difference for this football team. We have a +3 TO differential right now, but I wouldn't necessarily expect our defense to continue picking off passes at the same clip we have been. If you ask me, that means we're going to have to eliminate some of the turnovers to stay on the right side of the TO equation.