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Steelers Involved in a Remarkably Low Number of Close Games

I've got to make this quick, but I've been thinking about how few games I thought the Steelers are involved in that are decided by 3 points or fewer. Going through their schedule the past two years, I learned they have only been involved in two games that were decided by a FG or less. One this year against the Broncos - a loss 31-28 - and one last year against the Falcons, another loss, 41-38.

In contrast, the Arizona Cardinals have already played five games in 2007 that have been decided by 3 points or fewer.

The Patriots, who are crushing everybody this year, were even involved in 4 such games last year, with 2 other contests decided by 4 pts. I don't have time this minute to confirm this, but I'd guess that all thirty-one other teams have had more than just two of their games decided by a FG since 2006.

Anybody want to take a stab at why this might be, or does this seem more like a statistical anomaly of sorts that will straighten itself out?