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Getting to know a new face on a old Steelers' opponent

When the Steelers play the Bengals we as fans know all of the usual suspects including Palmer, Ocho Cinco, TJ "championship" Whosyourmama and of course Rudi. But this week one of those big four will most likely not be on the field. Rudi hasn't practiced at all this week and unless he has a miraculous recovery and practices today, Kenny Watson will again be the Bengals starting running back. It's been a while since the Steelers have played the Bengals without having to prepare for Rudi Johnson, over four years ago in fact (Sept 21, 2003), but that will be the case this Sunday. Watson had a career high in carries and yards last Sunday against the Jets when he posted 130 yards on 31 carries (4.2 ypc) and it was also the first multi-touchdown game of his four year career. Watson does catch the ball out of the backfield a little better than Rudi, who was almost non existent in the passing game. Watson won't have a huge game but any success he has will greatly help out an offense that has struggled at times this year.  

Also if anyone is bored today and feels like doing some research you can look up when the last time two NFL teams faced off with both starting running backs who were undrafted out of college. Watson was undrafted out of Penn State.