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Steelers Enter Very Managable Mid-Season Schedule

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A quick break from yesterday's game to blurt out some thoughts I had about our upcoming schedule. Coaches hammer home the 'one game at a time' philosophy, and it's true, a team should only focus on the game immediately ahead of them. But that doesn't mean schedules don't matter. Case in point: the New York Jets. I don't follow the Jets, but I watched some of yesterday's game against the Bills. Afterwards I wanted to sew my head to the carpet by the way, but I didn't see too many fresh faces on the Jets. They are missing Jonathan Vilma, a talented MLB, but this is a terrible 1-win football team. A team that was the #5 seed in the AFC playoffs! #5 seed my arse. NY played three games! against teams with winning records (NE twice and Indy) and two games against teams with a .500 record (JAX and TN, but they played TN in Week 1 when the Titans were still pathetic). Their closing schedule last year?:

Houston, Green Bay, Buffalo, Minnesota, Miami, Oakland, New England (who had little to play for)

I wrote a similar piece before the season commenced, noting that the Steelers should start either 5-0 or 4-1. Time for my next prediction: the Steelers will win their next 5 and enter the NE game 10-2.

Why such a bold, unnecessarily optimistic statement? The schedule. Our next five:



@New York Jets



That's 4 of the next 5 at Heinz Field. 3 of the 5 opponents are miserable (Miami, NYJ, Cincy), and we own one of the remaning 2 (Cleveland). The lone question mark - at least on paper - comes next week vs. Baltimore.

Of course, nothing's free in this league. But, as was the case to start the season, we should post another 5-0 or 4-1 stretch here over our next five.

Ok, enough unproductive speculating. Chime in on my megalomania if you please.