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Tomlin Must Emphasize Process, Not Get Caught Up in Each and Every Result

I will despise myself later if I look back on my life and realize that I had the talent and the ability to do great things but could not find the courage to try.  I know what I can do, and I know how little I have done.  I have flittered away my opportunities like children at the seashore who fill their hands with sand and then let the grains fall through their open fists.  It is not too late for me.  I can still fill my hands.  I can still shape a future of success and happiness.  I am capable of great wonders.

Og Mandino from "The Choice"

The preceeding quote is a favorite of Colorado Buffalos Head Coach Dan Hawkins, who writes a blog on Colorado's athletics page. I include the quote because I believe this Steelers team is capable of great things. And even if it's not this year, I hope we set off down the right path this year in preparation for subsequent playoff runs in years to come. In his most recent writing, following his team's stunning upset over then-ranked #3 Oklahoma, Hawkins emphasizes not worrying about winning itself, but to instead worry about being a winner on a daily basis:

In the big, bad world where the bottom line is the bottom line, you have to stay focused on the process.  We all know that everyone wants a raise, a promotion, or more wins.  The way you get that is to transform yourself into a vehicle of excellence, of doing things right.  Quit trying to win and just be a winner.  A world that loves to point out what is wrong, incorrect, and faltering usually focuses on the product.  A successful organization or leader must be committed to the process of improvement.  Avoid having a parade when something goes well or a funeral if you hit some pot holes along the way.

So, after last week, we as fans, and hopefully the team as well, decided not to have a funeral following our disappointing loss to the Cardinals. This is only Week 5 of the Mike Tomlin Era, an era that will most likely carry on for years and years, if not decades. But following last week, it became abundantly clear that there are areas we need to improve substantially.  So get back after it boys! One day at a time.