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Hines Ward Closing In On More Milestones

I'll stick with the Hines Ward theme here, and mention that Ward is inching closer towards sole ownership of every significant Steelers receiving record.

Ward already owns the Steelers career receptions record at 672. Next up for Ward is the career TDs mark. After scoring twice on Sunday, Ward now has 61 for his career, two shy of John Stallworth's record 63. Ward is also just 444 yards from Stallworth's record of 8,723.

I harken back to a comment made by steelerark about Hines Ward's Hall of Fame candidacy (it was written prior to the season, which explains why Ward's totals are lower than they are currently):

He gets in.  As I have said many times, Hines is my all-time favorite player, with Franco a close second.  No one in this league right now is more of an all-around reciever like he is.  No one.  He does it all, blocking, great hands, great head for the game, excellent leader.  And he does it all with huge grin on his face.  His enjoyment of the game is awesome.  And as far as the stats go, he's either leading or close to it in all three of the main categories in receiving, ahead of Swanny in all three and Stallworth in one, and barring injury, he will pass him in yds this year.

To compare to two other beloved recievers:

Stallworth - 537
Swann - 336
Hines - 648

Stally - 8723
Swanny - 5462
Hines - 8005

Stallworth - 64(1 rushing)
Swann - 51(1 rushing)
Ward - 58(1 rushing)

Take into consideration that Ward and Swann have played 9 seasons, while Stallworth played in 14.  
-At the same point in his career Steve Largent had 8772 yds, with 60 tds, in 545 catches.
-After 12 seasons, Michael Irvin has 750catches for 11904 yds and 65tds(0 rushing).
-After 17 seasons James Lofton had 764 catches for 14004 yds and 76tds(1 rushing).
-After a whopping 19 seasons Charlie Joiner had 750 cathces for 12146 yds and 65 tds(0 rushing).

Sorry, I love stats.  I show these to show that there is an excellent case for Hines to make the HOF.  He is still going, and I believe he has a lot left in the tank.  He is or will be the alltime leader on his team in the 3 categories, has a SB win, and has stats close to or above other HOF recievers like Biletnikoff, Paul Warfield, and Lance Allworth.  I know these names aren't too current, but there are only 18 modern era WRs in the HOF to beging with.  2 of them wore our beloved black and gold, and Hines is better than both.  He may not have as many rings as they do, but come on, is it his fault that he didn't play on the greatest dynasty of all time?

He gets in.  It wont be first ballot, but he gets in.

Ward, the third WR named to the Steelers 75th Anniversary team, will have a chance to be on the field with Stallworth and Swann next Monday night, when the All-Time Team is honored. Ward should break both the receiving yards and TD records this year if he remains healthy. What an exciting time for this very deserving football player.

Now, help us win another SB and cement your legacy once and for all. Go Steelers!