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Steelers Post Game Quotes from Cincy beatdown

Here's some post game comments from a good division road win. This isn't the full transcript just some quotes that I thought were interesting.

Coach Mike Tomlin's initial comments...
      "It is great to come into a hostile environment against a division opponent and get a win. I am pleased with how the guys competed today. We had a simple plan today -- it was no frills. The guys executed today. We faced a little adversity along the way. We really wanted to feature Dan Kreider quite a bit today, but he got hurt early. Carey (Davis) stepped up and contributed for us. The plan didn't change. The next man stepped in and we moved forward. I though Ben (Roethlisberger) was awesome today. Willie (Parker) ran the ball well in the trenches with our offensive line. Defensively, I have to take my hat off to those guys. They bled us a little bit, but they have a high-powered offense. They have a great quarterback and great wide receivers. I think the key for us was we made them kick field goals in the first half. To hold that offense to 13 points, on the road, in the type of situation that they were in ... hats go off to those guys. We've got to get a little better in our kick off coverage, but, of course, we are always searching for perfection. We will pretty much always fall short, but that's the nature of it. It was good to get a win today. It was great for our football team, and we will march forward."

The plan to feature Dan Kreider ... was he supposed to get touches, or was that as a blocker?
      "We wanted to attack downhill on some bubbles. He's a good isolation blocker. Many times, we have quite a few guys offensively that are capable of contributing to us. There are 11 guys in the huddle that represent us as starters. We know that Dan (Kreider) is a great isolation blocker, and that was the plan today. There have been times in the past that we know Matt Spaeth is great on the end of the line of scrimmage and we create eight gaps and we will start two tight ends. There are times where we want to get on the perimeter with two backs, and that's when we put Carey Davis in. That was the plan today. We faced a little adversity when he got hurt, but the guys stayed the course."

You didn't have any sacks today, and you only had one forced turnover, but it was a big one in an important part of the game. Can you talk about that?
      "I mean what I say when I say we are not concerned about stats. We are trying to win football games. I could care less if we got a sack today. We kept a good offense out of the end zone. We held them to 13 points, and we were able to get a win. In terms of the play that James (Harrison) made, it was a great hustle play, and it is indicative of what he is capable of. He chased the ball down from behind. Not only did he secure the tackle, but he went after the ball, and showed great ball awareness. He is a very smart football player. He is talented in a lot of ways, and we are glad we got him. It was a significant play in the football game -- a big play for us."

Is there any significance in the fact to that this is the third win in a row against a division opponent?
      "No. You have to stay right here. The ability to stay singularly focused on what's in front of you is what's going to define you in terms of greatness. People get mentally weak when they look at the big picture. Stay focused on where you are. Appreciate the journey. If you do that, and do a good enough job of it, then it will take you where you want to go."

Ben's comments:

What is making you so efficient on third down?
      "Third down has been going well for us this year. Like I said before, a lot of that credit goes to the O-line. I am going to watch the film and learn from some of the things I need to work on. I need to make some things happen with my legs. I will also study some of the checks and audibles I made in different situations. I need to be a little smarter in certain situations and just make the correct throw."

Comments on Santonio Holmes ...
      "If you go in the locker room right now, he will be getting iced down. He understands his role. He goes across the middle well and he takes some hits. He is maturing and developing. This is only his second year in the league and he continues to get better every game. Last year he may not have made some of the catches that he made to day. He has grown so much."

Ward on a milestone:

How did it feel to get your 60th touchdown?
      "It feels really good, 60 touchdowns. Looking back, it is a great feeling to have my name up there with many of those players like Stallworth and Swan. To have a Steelers record for most TDs would be a huge accomplishment for me. I would have never dreamed this when I was drafted, and now I'm coming up on my 10th season. To get that record would be a huge honor for me. The important thing is that we got the win today. When you contribute to a win, it is a great day. We are 2-0 in the division, and w won on the road in Cincinnati. It is a great day."

I haven't heard anything on the Kreider injury but I'm sure Tomlin will address it in his weekly press conference today at 12pm Eastern. Hopefully he'll be able to go because Baltimore is the kind of defense that the Steelers need a bruiser to wear down. Tomlin continues to impress me with his demeanor and focus. I like Ben's comment that he needs to make things happen with his legs, if he can get that done it's just another thing defenses have to gameplan against. Great stuff on Holmes and Ward, I can't think of a better receiver to have as a mentor than Ward. Any other comments and/or observations???