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Keisel Off To Great Start Despite No Sacks

Good article in the PG about Brett Keisel, and his impact on the defense this year. Despite not having any sacks, Keisel nevertheless has 15 hurries on the season, which in effect, is an even stronger barometer of how well he's playing. Keisel has been given more freedom at the line of scrimmage, similar to Troy Polamalu. And Keisel says he's learned a thing or two from Troy about how to disguise what you're doing and where you're going:

"I watched Troy a lot. Obviously, I don't have the speed he does. I think it does create a degree of difficulty for an offense when they see you at one spot and right before the snap you run over and rush from another spot. I'm just trying to put in as much confusion as I can, coming up the middle, going back and sometimes I'm dropping, too."

Keisel had a very good game against the Cardinals. He made a spectacular play in pass coverage, batted another pass down along the line of scrimmage, and was responsible for knocking the ball away from Kurt Warner and Elton Brown on the play where Warner fumbled near his goal line. Even if he doesn't record his first sack of the season, the Steelers are going to need Keisel's disruptive presence against the Seahawks.