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NFL Week 5: Big Games Abound

The Steelers-Seahawks matchup is one of the better ones this week, I'd argue. But it's certainly not the only interesting matchup:

Jacksonville at Kansas City:

Make no mistake about it...I will not tune in to even one play of this game, but it has possible playoff implications in the AFC. Everyone wrote off KC as one of the worst teams in the league, citing Herm Edwards as a terrible coach. I don't think KC is a playoff caliber team, but find me a year where a Herm Edwards team has absolutely tanked. They're going to be in a lot of games, and I certainly wouldn't mind if they knocked of Jacksonville this weekend. We know the Jags aren't catching the Colts in the AFC South, and if the Steelers were not to win the AFC North, it'd be nice to have some of our fellow Wild Card competitors with 3 losses already.

San Diego at Denver:

I guess I have no choice but to admit the Chargers are in big-time trouble if they lose this game. It's pretty hard to explain what's happened to this defense. Less so on offense, where WR Vincent Jackson continues to be a major liability. Last week he dropped a sure TD that was perfectly thrown. Though it is harder to explain why LT got only a handful of touches after eclipsing the century mark in the first half. This is a big game for the Broncs as well. They've certainly looked weak this year, especially against the run. If the Chargers staff could just figure it out, LT could have a big day and help put the Chargers back in the thick of things in the AFC West.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers:

Could this be a do-or-die game for the Bears? If they lost they'd be 4 back of Chicago with only one game left against them. The division would probably be out of reach. Brian Griese wasn't much better than Rex Grossman, but I did watch a good chunk of the game, and one of those picks in the DET redzone was a horrible drop by Bernard Berrion. Throwing the ball 50+ times against the Lions though? Hmm, pretty suspect strategy if you ask me. Let's see if the Packers are able to get anything going on the ground this week, or if they'll once again have to rely on a mistake-free game from Brett Favre throwing the ball 35-40 times.

Tampa Bay at Indianapolis:

Time to see just how legit the Bucs really are. They've been balanced throwing the ball and running it, and have looked much improved defensively from a year ago. Funny how Jeff Garcia seems to infuse ballclubs with more focus and tenacity. Still, TB lost Cadillac Williams and Luke Petitgout to season ending injuries. Those aren't 3rd-string special teams players. The loss of Petitgout may even be harder to recover from than Williams. Michael Pittman and Earnest Graham can shoulder the load. I don't give TB much of a chance in this one, but then again, I paid little attention to them heading into this season.