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Tomlin's Crew Got 'Da Goods', Tar and Feather Seahawks

By datruth4life

Well, well, well. I wonder who is saying Tomlin got outcoached this Sunday? Let's get to it!

  • Adversity, Attrition, A--kicking (you can fill in the two consonants). The question: what are 3 words that begin with the letter "A" that adequately reflects the Steelers' performance against the See-ya-later Hawks. Ding! Ding! Ding! Tell them what they win, Truth. How about a team that's got "Da Goods."
  • Man, I didn't expect this. This game kind of reminded me of a neighborhood basketball or football game where one kid gets the snot knocked out of them on one play and decides to take his ball and go home. The Seahawks official itinerary will say that the team officially left Pittsburgh a couple of hours after the game. The reality is the players checked out way before then. Disturbing stuff if you are a Hawks fan.
  • Was Santonio getting worked out by the same assistant that gave Bettis that shot in the playoffs a couple of years ago that caused his whole leg to go numb? I would have loved to have heard what Tomlin said when he found out that Santonio wouldn't be playing. I think it probably went something like Jesse "The Body" Ventura's line in the movie "Predator" when someone told him that he was bleeding. I betcha Tomlin's reponse was just like his, "I ain't got time to bleed!"
  • Guess who has the no. 1 defense in the league? The same team that just hung a Goose Egg on a supposedly "elite" West Coast offense. If you believe that offense is elite, then I got something else for you to chew on. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel are both nibbling on my ears right now as I type these words and have decided to flip a coin to see who would be the first to find out from the DaTruth the true meaning of the word "prolific."
  • Going one for three in baseball for a career will put you in the Baseball Hall of Fame. But those statistics don't seem that impressive when you are playing corner for the same team that once had Mel Blount and Rod "don't show me a double move because I'll still bite, even in retirement" Woodson. Man, Ike's hands are nothing to brag about it. There's a reason why he is playing DB instead of WR. What was the name of that guy in the movie "Remember the Titans" who couldn't hold onto the ball on offense and the coach told him to just keep the other guy from catching the ball? That character reminds me of Ike. This Ike won't make it to the Hall, but the way he is playing right now, he can get you to the Show.
  • Cedrick Wilson, you get to keep your hat for the next game against Denver. Still, Willie Reid didn't do anything for him not to dress the next game himself. Maybe Nate will start hearing some footsteps as well. I like it. Imagine this concept for a football team: you have to make plays on the field or someone else behind you will actually get the chance to do your job for you. That's the reason why this team is playing with an edge right now. Coach Tomlin, mission accomplished.
  • So what do you think about "the Heinz Field Hop?" That is what Najeh calls his act of climbing the end-zone railing and wading into the arms of Steelers Fans at Heinz Field after he scores a touchdown. I like that, too. I think somebody reminded you guys this past week that Bruce Arians needed to add a package to the offense, especially in the red zone, where Najeh or Carey Davis would get the ball with Kreider blocking. You guys think Tomlin checks out the Steel Curtain too, because he has pretty much went with a lot of our suggestions since training camp. What a smart man!
  • Doesn't that backfield package at the end of games look absolutely beautifully, with Charlie Batch handing the ball to Carey Davis and Kreider leading the way? That personnel grouping translates to "Game Over, Baby!" I hope to see that backfield at the end of most games this year. Hey, 4 out of 5 so far ain't bad.
  • Another reason to have man-love for your new coach, check out what Tomlin said in his press conference after the game about the injured players that didn't play:
"In terms of Troy (Polamalu) being out and Casey (Hampton) being out, we mean what we say when we say the standard of expectation doesn't change, regardless of who is in the huddle. The 11 in the huddle represent the Pittsburgh Steelers and we come in to play to win."
  • Hokie, you are a man. Now everyone else understands why you got that contract extension in training camp.
  • I'm one of those writers and fans that love following the NFL draft each year. One of my favorite moments is during the NFL combine in February when the NFL draftees are getting ready to do the bench press and former Cleveland Browns and current Arizona Cardinals strength and conditioning coach John Knox tells the seniors, "You are getting ready to lift, so get ya stinking mind right!" If the players act like they are going to seriously throw some weight around, he also says, "Well, if you want to be a bear, then be a Grizzly!" That short story leads me to this point - Man, Aaron Smith was a GRIZZLY today. If he stays healthy, he can start making his plans for Hawaii right now.
  • When did Allen Rossum switch jerseys with Willie Reid on punt returns? Just asking.
  • Have you guys figured out yet that it doesn't really matter how many sacks Big Ben takes as long as he doesn't turn the ball over? I mean, it does matter, especially against the real good teams. But the bottom line is that if he doesn't turn the ball over, this team is tough to beat. I'd rather have Ben take 4 sacks than throw a pick any day of the week. Eventually, he'll learn to just throw the ball away. I just don' think it will happen on a consistent basis anytime soon.
  • Anyone out there rather have the Steelers play next week instead of enjoying their bye? Yep, I didn't think so. And since we are being completely honest with one another, how many of you felt your heart in your stomach when Marvel Smith limped off the field and Max "Swinging Gate" Starks came into the game?
  • You guys notice that the players are not only taking on Tomlin's personality, but are starting to sound like him as well? When you've got people like Heath Miller using the words "winning by attrition" and "not blinking" in the face adversity after games, then you know your message is hitting home.
  • Who put the spoiled milk in Clark Haggan's Corn Flakes? I don't know who did, but I hope they continue to do it for the next 15 games. He's playing angry. Can you say contract year?
  • A dominating win, Steelers Nation, but can I rain on your parade just for a second? You all know that DaTruth gives it to you straight every week. And the truth is ... Kendall Simmons is the weak link on this offensive line. Watch, whenever a DL beats Simmons off the snap and gets on Simmons' edge, Simmons lunges and stops moving his feet. The result is Simmons ending up on his face and the DT having a full head of steam with the thought of doing bad things to your franchise QB. Once again, if we can see this, so can Tomlin. Right?
  • 4-1. A bad throw in the endzone and a punt return for a TD from being undefeated. I'll take it. Remember what your coach says, we are a developing championship-caliber team. And that begins on Wednesday and is cemented on Thursday and Friday. With this mantra, Tomlin is essentially telling his players that if you don't practice, then you don't play. I love this. Players now know that if they want to "Show" on Sundays, then they better be ready to "Tell" during the week.
  • Anyone else believe it might be a good time for Mike Holmgren to ride that White Horse into the Sunset? The Seahawks have become a complacent team under Holmgren and they flat out quit on him during the game. It might be time for a new sheriff in town to come in and shake things up. Does that sound familiar?
  • Well Steelers Nation, I'm out like Trent Green (seriously, prayers go out to him and his family for his latest concussion). With the Steelers taking a bye, I'm going to take one also. What, do you guys expect blood from a turnip? (I don't know quite what that means, but one of my co-workers uses it all the time and it sounds good). Take care and be blessed!