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Steelers Head Into Bye Week 4-1, Will Both Work and Rest During Off Week

The Steelers 21-0 beatdown of Seattle was a perfect prelude to this season's open date. We're 4-1, we've shown improvement in several critical phases, and we now have an off week to get some important bodies healthy. So what's the plan for Tomlin's Steelers this week and next?

Well, the Steelers haven't shaken up their routine yet. Yesterday they were in the film room going over the Seattle game - both the good and the bad. The Steelers will also conduct normal practices through Thursday, before taking off Friday through Monday.

The decision to go hard early this week before giving the guys some time off over the weekend is a balancing act between continuing to focus on daily improvement while acknowledging the need for a break physically:

"We're not a finished product," Tomlin said. "We do understand that we are beat up in some areas. We will be smart."
And what about the injury situation? Is it worse than expected in Tomlin's mind?
"We're five games into this thing," Tomlin said. "We played five preseason games. Do the math. It's football. Anybody that feels great right now is an alien."