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Awesome Big Ben Story from SI

Lee Jenkins has a great new story up about Big Ben and his coach at Miami, Terry Hoeppner, who tragically passed away recently. There was alot of interesting info in there about how the two helped each other in dealing with and trying to recover from injury and illness.

There's also some interesting tidbits comparing Ben's relation to his college coach to his relationships with the different Steelers coaches and how Arians has given Ben more of a say in the offense and game plan. I think Bettis says it best,

"When we got him, he was a young guy thrust onto a veteran team, and he was given a pretty short leash," says Bettis, now an NBC analyst. "But the new staff has given him more of the reins. He's been given input. And whenever you're given input, it gives you ownership. You can see that carry over to the way he plays."

I'm excited to see if Ben continues his stellar play throughout the year and how that will carry over when the Steelers likely try to extend his contract this offseason. For comparison here's the details of Tony Romo's extension. Hopefully we can lock Ben up and keep him in Black and Gold for the rest of his career.