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Steelers Offensive Line Gets Chance To Prove Itself This Week vs. the Ravens

Our offensive line has been somewhat maligned by the Steelers fanbase this year. Most of the concern and criticism has been warranted; some of it I'd also argue has been unfounded.

The main concern of course is the number of sacks Ben has taken, not to mention the countless other times he's nearly been sacked but stepped away. However, your RB (unless it's Barry Sanders) isn't going to continue posting 100+ yard days behind a mediocre offensive line. Perhaps behind just a good, but not great line. But not behind a bad line.

The Steelers offensive line now has big, big opportunity to prove they're better than they're given credit for. Kendall Simmons and Sean Mahan get to go up against some of the best of the best in the business in Baltimore's front 7. Faneca has the opportunity to cement his status as one of the premiere free-agents to hit the market this coming year. And Marvel Smith and Max Starks will get to prove their intelligence in recognizing Baltimore's blitzes on the outside can help make up for some of their pereceived physical limitations i.e. foot speed.

As DaTruth said:

For those of you that think the Patriots are the measuring stick for the Steelers, you are wrong. It is the Ravens and here is why. The Ravens punked the Steelers twice this past year. Where I'm from, if a Bully smacks you around in front of the neighborhood, you'll get no respect in the Hood until you get your Get Back. It don't matter what else you do. The way to get your 'Get Back?' Come back and hit the Bully in the mouth and keep hitting him until he says Uncle. The Steelers have to make the Ravens say "Uncle" this year before you can say they are truly back.
Getting that done starts up front. Get it done guys, I fu*&$ng hate the Ravens.

Go Steelers!