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Should The Steelers Bring Back Chidi?

With safety Ryan Clark still out with pain from a spleen issue during the Denver game, Die Hard Steel thinks it's time to bring back Chidi Iwouma for special teams purposes. His argument?:

It pains me to write this (no pun intended), but Clark has to be placed on the IR, and the team needs to bring back former special teams captain Chidi Iwuoma.

Clark was a contributor on special teams as well. At this point, with no activity, how is he going to be in game-shape? Probably no more than Iwuoma, but Chidi has been cut and re-signed by the Steelers, the Patriots and the Rams in the last calendar year. It was surprising that he didn't make the Steelers roster, especially with the loss of special teams ace Sean Morey in the off-season. I would imagine he is smart enough to know to stay in shape, and since he likely has access to a television and a newspaper, I'll bet he heard about Sunday's disaster in Pittsburgh, and figured he could help.

What do you guys think? I personally don't think it's a wise move. It may take Clark a game or two to get back into game-shape once he returns, but I don't think shutting him down for the season with 7 games regular season games and (hopefully) 3 months of football left makes sense. The other option I suppose would be to cut somebody else to make room for Chidi, but I don't know who that would be and I don't think we have any expendable bodies that are worth disposing of just for a guy like Chidi who can do nothing more than help a bit on ST.

We'll move on to another topic for the rest of the week, because we've heard what the coaches and players think and we've talked amongst ourselves already. In all those discussions, Chidi was never brought up.

I doubt any of us think he's truly the answer, but what do you guys think of Die Hard Steel's interesting thought about shutting down Clark for the year.