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Steelers vs. Jets Open Gameday Thread

Almost time for the Steelers to take another step in what's turning out to be a special season. For all the success the Steelers have had so far in 2007, they've not been quite the same team on the road. Both our L's have come away from Heinz, and we've yet to notch a signature win.

As always, the keys will be protecting the QB and the football, shore up special teams, and force the opposing QB to beat us. Kellen Clemons will probably get a number of new looks from Dick LeBeau, and I don't think he'll be able to consistently lead his team down the field provided we limit Thomas Jones to minimal production.

If we don't give the Jets any short fields, and not allow Laverneus Coles any big plays, I don't see the Steelers stumbling this week.

Prediction: Steelers 21 - Jets 13