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Awaiting An Update on Santonio Holmes Ankle; Time To Go Back To Starks?

I don't think it was mentioned by me, or anybody else, in the interesting post-game conversation threads that Santonio Holmes missed time in Sunday's game with an ankle injury. It's nice that the team has an extra day to rest and prepare for the Dolphins next Monday night, but it would be presumptous to assume Holmes will play. I mention it because our offense is a lot easier to gameplan for when he's not in there. Nate Washington's improved a little bit this year, but sorry, isn't going to ever get more than single-coverage. Anyway, it's Tuesday, so we should get an update on Holmes from Tomlin sometime this afternoon. No guarantees we get more than a uninformative, non-committal answer, but I'm anxiously awaiting none the less.


One quick thought about the line that I wanted to throw out there. Is it time to give Max Starks another opportunity in place of Willie Colon? I'm still learning how to evaluate talent at offensive line - it's obvious when you see a great lineman, but it's less obvious to me distinguishing between average players - but my guess is that Colon has a bit more potential long-term than Starks. Colon must be pretty raw playing high school ball in the Bronx, then college ball at Hofstra. Hopefully, at least. Clearly his foot speed isn't great, but perhaps with professional instruction he can learn some techniques to mask that.

Has it been said or written anywhere (or even reasonable to believe) that Starks is not playing because he won't be a Steeler in 2008, so might as well get Colon some valuable experience to see what they have in Colon as soon as possible?

Starks isn't great, but he's basically on an extended tryout for teams around the league, so maybe he'd step it up and give us a solid stretch of football.