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Keep Telling Yourself That David Carr

Ok, real quick, I couldn't pass this up. As I was reading the recap of the New Orleans-Carolina contest from earlier today, which the Saints won going away, I came across this gem of a quote from perennial loser David Carr:

"When you have to play your backup quarterback, and in this case play a guy who didn't take a lot of reps during the week, the instability of that position is difficult," Payton said.

The fans turned on Carr and the Panthers quickly. After Carr's third-down pass was batted down near the end zone, John Kasay kicked a 29-yard field goal to cut the halftime deficit to 10-6.

But not before fans started chanted "We want Moore."

"It's not like we were purposely trying to not score points," Carr said. "They were chanting 'More' -- that they wanted more points. And we were trying to give it to them."

The 'Moore' the fans were chanting for was of course, third-string rookie QB Matt Moore. After two picks and fewer than 100 yards passing in 22 pass attempts, Carolina fans had seen enough, and rightfully so. First off David, you lost your job to a geriatric in Vinny Testaverde. That fact alone should make you realize your far from 'the guy' in town. Take your lumps like a man (like you have done for the better part of your career), don't set yourself up for such easy ridicule with such a blatantly ridiculous comment. If nothing else, you'd at least retain that fighters' perservering attitude that has provided you with countless opportunities in this league in the first place. Now GMs not only have an abundance of putrid play, but also evidence that suggests that you're totally out of touch with reality.

I've never gone out of my way to poke fun of David Carr for a number of reasons, the main ones being his Texans teams were miserable, and he seems like a good guy who's perservered despite falling waaaaaaaay short of expectations as the #1 overall pick.

But when you go on the record stating that you believed the fans were cheering for 'More' points rather than for your team's back-up QB named 'Moore', I have no choice but to laugh at you.

Poor David. It just wasn't mean to be, man. Let it go.