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Quick Hits

* For those of you interested in the Sean Taylor tragedy, I reccommend you head over to Hogs Haven for the best coverage I've seen to date on any media outlet. It's not just one eulogy after another in case you were wondering, there's some very patient and thorough research being conducted about Taylor's supposed 'troubled' upbringing.

* Start at One For The Other Thumb for Bengals coverage. I'd like to write about the game today as well, but there's quite a bit of work piling up on my desk, so it may be this evening. OFTOT is a good place to start regardless.

* Former Steelers Kevin Greene and Dermontti Dawson are two of the 26 modern-era semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Any thoughts on whether either of these two will be elected?

* Cincy Jungle isn't ready to give up on playoff hopes just yet.

* Wondered what Bo Jackson is up to lately?