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Steelers' FB Dan Krieder placed on IR

Dan Kreider has been placed on IR, effectively ending his season. Kreider, who has been the starting fullback since halfway through his rookie year in 2000, injured his knee during Monday Night's game against Miami. Jon Dekker was activated from the practice squad. Dekker has been on the Steelers practice squad for the last year and a half after not being drafted out of Princeton.

This is pretty surprising news considering his hyper-extended knee was not considered serious and Tomlin was saying as recent as yesterday that he expected Kreider to play this weekend. With the changes taking place in the Steelers offensive philosophy and his age (turns 31 in the offseason) I wouldn't be suprised if we've seen the last of Dan Kreider in a Steelers uniform. Being one of my favorite current Steelers I hope that's not the case but my gut just gets that feeling.   Update [2007-11-30 10:27:18 by cgolden]: It turns out that Kreider tore his ACL in Monday nights game and will of course reguire surgery. Even the Post Gazette acknowledges that Kreider's career may be over.