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Annual Dawg Neutering Scheduled For 1 pm This Sunday At Heinz

So you think you can play Cleveland? Here's your chance to prove it this Sunday. The Browns haven't played a game this meaningful in Week 10 since 2003, and even then there was not nearly as much optimism as there is now. A win would truly signal the Browns' arrival under Romeo Crennel.

No need to rehash his tenure in The Forest City - we know it's been ugly. Keeping the Browns in playoff contention and finishing with any record at or above .500 will save Crennel's job, but for now Browns fans are thinking playoffs.  

The Browns offense we will see Sunday is far more polished and confident than the one we faced during our 34-7 beatdown of the Brownies on Opening Day. Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards are red-hot, having connected on 24 receptions and 5 TDs in just the past four games. Kellen Winslow is on pace for 80+ receptions and 1300+ a tight end. And the Browns secondary, while undoubtedly porous, has picked off 7 passes, led by Leigh Bodden's 4.

Jamal Lewis is performing basically at the level we should expect from him. Other than his one bust-out game against the hapless Bengals in which he ran for 216 yards, Lewis has been a sub-4 yards per carry RB. Lewis doesn't quite have enough speed to beat us on the edge, and if starting right guard Seth McKinney can't go, I can't imagine Jamal Lewis and the running game gaining much traction between the tackles. From their perspective, this game has to be won through the air and on defense. 80+ rushing yards would just be a bonus.

Cleveland's high-octane aerial assault is partly a product of their atrocious defense. Let's take a look at some of the basic defensive numbers:

Rushing Yards Per Game: 135.1(27th)

Passing Yards Per Game: 276.6 (32nd)

Scoring: 29.1 (30th)

Now, Cleveland has played some great offenses in the first half of the season, but Cleveland really hasn't played one complete game of defense to date outside of their first tilt with Baltimore (surprise, surprise, the Ravens offense cures all defensive ills). Simply put, those are atrocious numbers that make success unsustainable over the long-haul.

Much more to come on the Browns, including a look at the career of Derek Anderson, as well as thoughts on how to attack both the defense and the offense of the Cleveland Browns.

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