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Sorry, I Just Had To

A break from the Brownies to mention this story I stumbled upon at Arrowhead Pride, a Kansas City Chiefs blog.

The story's about Jason Elam, you know that guy who put us away this year? The kicker who never misses it seems.

Well maybe Elam has some help from a higher power.  After all he did recently co-pen with his pastor, a faith-based adventure novel about a football player fighting terrorism here on American soil. The title of Elam's novel?

And the roving LB horse-collared the Islamo-Facist to the ground

Here's how one Chiefs fans (who wrote about the book initially) imagined Elam's brainstorming session:

I mean the thought process has to be: "Hank Williams Jr. has beard, terrorists have beards, Hank Williams Jr. likes to blow stuff up, terrorists blow stuff up, all my rowdy friends yes I see where this leads..."
And could this explain why Elam's so good in the clutch?:
This explains why it's impossible to ice him though. He's completely gone, seriously, there's just a vacant stare daydreaming about Bocephus blowing up Mile High occasionally interrupted by someone telling him to go in and kick a field goal. Why do you think he's number 1? Anything else would blow his mind.

I've never been a big Jason Elam fan. Never liked the Broncos, and Elam's been a big part of their success for a looooong time. Ah well, at least the guy does something with his spare time.