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Datruth's Post-Game Steelers-Pats Thoughts

Datruth4life's post-game thoughts - removed from the comments section of previous post

  • The game was 3-0 after the Steelers first drive and the DaTruth kind of felt like the game was close to being over right there. Why? Because kicking field goals ain't gonna beat this team.
  • Are the big bad Patriots beatable? Sure. You just need an offense that can put 35 points on the board, a defense that will pressure and hit Brady (not necessarily sack him), corners that can play press coverage, and safeties that play two-deep and never let a Patriots receiver get behind them in coverage, and a strong running game to punish that slow front seven.
  • Will they be beat? Not during the regular season. However, in the playoffs Indy or the Cowboys could take them out.
  • Anthony Smith picked a bad time to play his worst game as a Steeler. I'm sure LeBeau told him to not let a Patriots receiver get behind him, like they did the Bengals this year. I mentioned it earlier this year, but now you guys really know why Ryan Clark started ahead of Smith and why Smith still would be on the bench if Clark was healthy. Clark plays the defense that is called and is always where he is supposed to be.
  • Speaking of safeties, would it have been a different game if a healthy Troy were playing? I don't know. DaTruth thinks that a healthy Ryan Clark probably would have had a bigger impact on the game than Palomula. Palomula would have been as agressive as Smith and T. Carter on both of those play actions. Ryan Clark would have stayed back and played the D that LeBeau called.
  • It was painful watching Colon struggle with Vrabel. It reminded me of what I hope to see next year with Lamar Woodley coming off the corner in Haggans spot next year. By the way, has anyone seen Haggans during the last 4 or 5 weeks? Haggans won't be on this team next year. Might as well get Woodley a few more snaps starting now to get him ready for his big debut next year.
  • If Santonio Holmes is hurting and can't be Santonio, then shut him down. He's a little like Troy. I'd rather have a 100 percent and hungry Willie Reid on the field than a limping Santonio Holmes. Nate Washington did nothing yesterday to help his football.
  • Big Ben played a pretty good game yesterday. If he would have had some help, he was dialed in to do some things. The running game had a pulse and Najeh made some big plays. Still, this OL isn't consistent enough to protect Ben. That and special teams will be the undoing of this team in the playoffs.
  • Know why Ike will probably never see a Pro Bowl? Because a CB that takes the trip across the water would have made that interception that Moss made over him on their first touchdown drive. Ike just doesn't make that play. One of the DaTruth's big matchups to watch for this game was B. McFadden on Stallworth, since he'd be the only DB to primarily have one-on-one coverage. McFadden did a nice job on Stallworth but the rest of the DB's didn't show up.
  • That 4th down call to Hines wasn't one of Arians better moments. Right when he went into motion, DaTruth said to himself, I hope that isn't what I think it is. Turns out it was. What happened to Miller and Spaeth near the goal line? Or Najeh? If they're lost, then Arians need to find them.
  • I thought we might see Starks in for a series against Colon, but Tomlin is showing that he doesn't like to replace starters in game, even if they are struggling. He's let K. Simmons struggle though the entire year without pulling him, continued to feed Willie after fumbling 4 times against the Bungles and didn't pull Colon yesterday when he was making Vrable look like LT.
  • When is the last time you saw a Steelers team more deflated than after the Pats hit them with that throwback from Moss to Brady, and then Brady to Gaffney? Probably not since Ricardo Coclough dropped that punt against the Bengals during last season. DaTruth was there for that game and it was game, set, match just like it was yesterday.

A little something from Peter King as far as salary cap room next year:

So you want to know how active your team will be with a good free-agency market coming up in three months? Here's a chart of how much cap space each team was due to have next spring as of Saturday, along with how many players each team has under contract:

Team Signed Players 2008 cap room

1.Tennessee 39 $40.85 million
2.San Diego 44 $33.03 million
3.Jacksonville 43 $32.69 million
4.Buffalo 49 $32.05 million
5.New Orleans 39 $31.69 million
6.Cincinnati 48 $31.45 million
7.San Francisco 48 $30.91 million
8.Cleveland 42 $30.31 million
9.Arizona 34 $30.27 million
10.N.Y. Jets 45 $27.72 million
11.Oakland 40 $25.98 million
12.Tampa Bay 48 $25.90 million
13.Miami 48 $25.56 million
14.N.Y. Giants 49 $24.47 million
15.Detroit 42 $23.50 million
16.Houston 43 $22.91 million
17.Dallas 40 $20.61 million
18.Kansas City 44 $20.27 million
19.Chicago 52 $19.80 million
20.Pittsburgh 43 $18.61 million
21.Green Bay 48 $18.37 million
22.Philadelphia 49 $17.17 million
23.Denver 49 $16.77 million
24.Minnesota 49 $14.88 million
25.New England 41 $10.93 million
26.St. Louis 45 $9.61 million
27.Seattle 44 $9.55 million
28.Indianapolis 48 $8.49 million
29.Carolina 35 $6.05 million
30.Atlanta 52 $5.79 million*
31.Baltimore 42 $5.00 million
32.Washington 45 -$20.72 million

The Steelers will be over $20M+ in cap room after they release Cedric Wilson. His $2M plus salary next isn't going to fly for a 3rd WR on this team. Willie Reid needs to be active on game days. Nate Washington will probably be back but even he could be beat out if someone more consistent is available.

The 3 biggest offseason priorities for this team is 1. Dump a load of money on Ben 2. Resign B. McFadden 3. Fix that OL, whether it means drafting 2 OL, resigning Starks and moving Colon inside or signing a free agent tackle. A QB like Ben comes along once every 20 years for a franchise. They have to do everything in their power to protect that asset and give him the weapons to be successful.

If the Steelers don't come to play, the Jaguars could smack them. Tomlin should have their attention this week. That's my guarantee, A.Smith-style.

Be blessed, Steelers Nation.