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Quick Hits

Damnit, just had my browser shut down as I was hitting 'post', so this second go-round is going to be less comprehensive. Grrr.

  • Need a laugh? Cotter and his mom can help over at OFTOT.
  • DiehardSteel has his Week 15 Rankings up. In his mind, next week's matchup pits the #5 Jags against the #6 Steelers.
  • With just three weeks to go, Willie Parker regains his place atop the NFL rushing leaders. With LT on his heels and the Jags and Ravens still on deck, that lead might be short-lived.
  • FootballBrainiac is already eyeing Week 16's pivotal AFC matchups. At this point, I'm more concerned with how we play, and with the Steelers actually securing a playoff berth of their own, but I nevertheless encourage you to check out the site. Lots of good thoughtful stuff posted regularly.


If there's any other post-game musings worth sharing, use this thread to do so. I'm sure I'm missing out on plenty of good stuff to peruse.