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Roethlisberger Sets Steelers Record; Parker Positions Himself For Rushing Crown

It's a gloomy day in Steelers Nation in the wake of Jacksonville's clobbering of Pittsburgh. The score doesn't indicate a lopsided affair, but it was. Every significant statistical advantage besides turnover ratio was held by Jacksonville despite the 29-22 outcome.

However, it is still more than worth mentioning that QB Ben Roethlisberger set a new Steelers' franchise record with 29 TD passes thus far in 2007. Roethlisberger broke Bradshaw's record of 28 set back in 1978. I wrote in early November, that Big Ben was quietly putting together a remarkable season. And while his production has slowed down some in the 2nd half of the season, his determination, weekly preparation, and his amazing ability to make plays has remained steady. His development not turning it over and making plays with his feet still gives me hope that we could make some noise in the AFC tournament. It's hard to go at it alone, but it also never hurts when you have a gritty, play-making QB at the controls. Congratulations to Big Ben on this accomplishment, though I have a feeling he will set the bar even higher in future years!


As for Willie Parker. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is a team sport about collective goals, not individual accomplishments. True and I wouldn't trade in a single SB trophy for individual accolades of any of my favorite Steelers. Still, it'd be special if Willie Parker could wrap up the first rushing title for a Steelers RB in 60 years.

Parker currently leads SD's LaDanian Tomlinson by 6 yards - 1317 to 1311. Parker better put up a big number against St. Louis, as the Steelers finish off the regular season at Baltimore, where FWP has historically not fared too well. LT finishes with the soft Denver Broncos and against the Oakland Raiders, so if I had to bet, it would be on him, not Parker. And then there's Adrian Peterson, who currently stands at 1,200 yards even, with three games to go, including tonight's contest against the no-longer tough Bears' defense.

Hard to believe we've been enjoying this much individual success, yet find ourselves playing seemingly mediocre football on offense for the better part of the season's second half. As disconcerting as that is, it also reminds me that this team may be but a few pieces away from being more consistently dominant in future years.

Go Parker! Bring home that title.