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2008 Filled With Tricky Games for Steelers

A 'blog' or 'web-log' doesn't have to always be filled with long, thought-out posts does it? I hope not, because this one isn't.

I happened to notice the Steelers schedule for next year, and it's pretty damn tough. Last year we played the NFC South teams: NO, TB, Atlanta, and Carolina. This year we got the NFC West: Seattle, STL, SF, and Arizona.

That means next year we get the NFC East. Dallas and the New York Giants will be coming to Heinz Field! Should be good games. I'm especially looking forward to making Eli look the same as he did when he first entered the league..which is to say, not very good.

That also means two tough road games at Philly and at Washington. Compare that with Arizona and St. Louis and you can immediately see where the concern comes from.

It doesn't stop there though. The Steelers also welcome the Indianapolis Colts to town, as well as the Houston Texans. To round off the AFC South tour, we head to Tennessee and to Jacksonville.

Yet to be determined as a home game against a AFC West opponent, and a road game against a AFC East foe. Don't forget the surging Browns either and you've got one helluva schedule next year! Just really, really, preliminary food for thought.